Access the Internet Anytime and Anywhere

Wireless internet access is no longer an added perk in the office; it’s a requirement that every company is expected to meet. However, air wave interference, endpoint location, and more can reduce the quality of your wireless network. That’s where petabytz comes in. We can conduct an assessment of your current network infrastructure, implement a new infrastructure, or help you determine what wireless network solutions best suit your needs.

With petabytz’s wireless network solutions, you can experience the same high-quality, interference-free internet access you receive from a wired connection. Use Cisco Prime Infrastructure to streamline your network management, or for a cloud managed option, visit our Cloud Managed Networks page

Go ahead; allow employees to stream video, bring their own devices, use Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, and work outside the cubical/office walls—all without sacrificing network performance and security.

Achieve Anywhere, Anytime Access

Wireless LAN

Reduce the frustrations of a slow connection with petabytz’s Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Through Cisco’s CleanAir technology that automatically removes interference, and VideoStream that enables high-quality video streaming without lag, petabytz’s Wireless LAN technology will deliver the high-quality wireless connection employees come to expect at work.

Wireless Managed Networks

Streamline how you manage both your wired and wireless networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure. This technology allows you to view users and endpoints across your entire landscape, while maintaining and monitoring your current network. Manage your entire network in one centralized dashboard with Petabytz’s wireless management solution.