Protect Your Network. Protect Your Business

Modern network security today is all about balance. In the face of cyber threats, a hands off policy leaves your company wide open to attack. Grip your network too tightly, however, and people won’t be able to do their jobs. Your IT team must find a middle ground. You need security policies to be effective and non-restrictive.

No matter the size of your company, Petabytz can help you navigate these tough security questions and enforce policies across your network. We can help you make administration easier, provide broader visibility into events, strengthen security controls, and improve business efficiency and flexibility.

Security Across the Attack Continuum

Before the Attack

Security solutions before an attack is launched focus on prevention. They identify questionable data packets and prevent their entry into the business network.

During the Attack

Once an attack has breached your defenses, there must be internal layers of security that can locate, contain, and eliminate the threat before it can wreak havoc on your network.

After the Attack

After an attack, your security solution should adapt to fix the vulnerability that was exploited. Learn from the mistakes of the past to prevent similar attacks from striking the network again.