Data Center Virtualization

A Consolidated, Efficient Data Center

Virtualization has been one of the major breakthroughs in IT over the last fifteen years. Through virtualization, organizations can achieve far greater efficiency and much more control—plus save money along the way. Applications and operating systems that were once chained to a single bare metal server or endpoint can today be transformed into software for greater flexibility. This has revolutionized the modern data center. Once IT directors discovered they could support more applications on fewer servers, the amount of hardware companies needed to support was cut down dramatically.

Since then, virtualization has moved from servers to desktops and more. Petabytz has the proficiency and experience to consolidate your data center and virtualize your key applications

Three Areas of Virtualization
in the Data Center

Server Virtualization

Through Citrix and VMware, Petabytz can virtualize your servers to drastically reduce the amount of hardware your IT team needs to power, cool, maintain, and support. Now, multiple applications can be hosted on a single server as virtual machines.

Desktop Virtualization

By abstracting the operating system and desktop from PCs and laptops, you can provide a new level of security and mobility to your team. Log onto a consistent desktop experience from any device, anywhere, and at any time—so long as you can connect to the business network.

Application Delivery

Citrix Netscaler is a web application delivery controller (ADC) that can accelerate the speed of your applications. Through HTTP compression and caching, Netscaler has been reported to increase application performance five times over.