Converged Infrastructure

Making the Data Center Construction and Expansion Process Easier.

Instead of purchasing servers, storage, and switches from different vendors across the industry, major manufacturers have joined forces to create several “Data Center in a Box” products. These solutions are proven by their manufacturers to integrate and operate together flawlessly.

Plus, converged infrastructures are built with scalability in mind. The IT team can scale only the components they need.

Want more compute? Another Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server can be quickly and easily added to the stack to meet any environment’s needs. Alternatively, Petabytz’s engineering experts also offer hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. These devices combine the entire data stack into one compact piece of hardware.

Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Cisco Unified Computing System

Cisco UCS is the Cisco brand server used in each converged infrastructure below. But UCS is not your standard server. It merges the network and server functions into a single piece of intelligent hardware.


Featuring NetApp FAS storage, Nexus switching, Cisco UCS, and a Microsoft or VMware hypervisor, the FlexPod provides a stable data center for enterprise companies. Cisco and NetApp have also created the ExpressPod, a similar solution aimed at the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.


The FlashStack combines Pure Storage all flash arrays with Cisco UCS, Nexus switching, and a Microsoft or VMware hypervisor. Through the FlashStack, IT directors gain access to the incredible performance power of flash and the reliability of a Cisco-backed design.


The SmartStack is assembled from Cisco UCS, Nexus switching, and Microsoft or VMware hypervisor technology with Nimble Storage providing the storage array. With the addition of Nimble Storage, the SmartStack has access to Nimble’s Predictive Flash platform.


VBlock combines Cisco UCS and VMware or Microsoft hypervisors with a storage array developed by VCE, a division of EMC. The VBlock delivers exceptional intelligence, compute power, and reliability.


A hyperconverged infrastructure takes the principles of a converged infrastructure to the next level. Instead of multiple manufacturers supplying the components for one powerful design, a hyperconverged infrastructure is a single piece of hardware that includes every component in the data center stack.