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Our central goal is to help organizations recognize the capability of their information and manufacture custom AI answers to meet their business targets.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Why Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ?

“Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to be the prevailing innovation of this century. ” – Sergey Brin

​”As a technologist, I perceive how AI and the fourth modern upheaval will affect each part of individuals’ lives.” – Fei-Fei Li

Machine Learning consulting

Our data scientists and Machine Learning engineers break down every individual use case and make exceedingly tweaked arrangements, lined up with one of a kind business systems and objectives. We direct Machine Learning ventures completely, from vital counseling to improvement and arrangement of AI programming.

data science consulting and research

Data Science
Consulting & Research

Our data science administrations incorporate diving into unstructured datasets and transforming these into noteworthy data.

machine learning development

Machine Learning

Experienced research engineers assemble, execute, and send ML models and calculations that make items more intelligent.

production ready development

Production Ready

We assemble framework pipelines to process and dissect information at scale.

Prescient Analytics

Transform information into your upper hand. We manufacture prescient models that get through the commotion and convey exact expectations. Utilizing present and chronicled information, you’ll have the capacity to foresee future patterns and remain on the ball.

Natural Language Processing and Analysis

Concentrate importance from unstructured content with custom language handling and examination. Utilizing regular language preparing (NLP), we can transform your information into bits of knowledge — regardless of whether you need to comprehend client criticism better or break down specialist’s notes on restorative records, we can get it going.

Data Warehousing

Numerous organizations have a disappointing issue — their most profitable information is soiled in various frameworks, making it difficult to assemble significant experiences. Information warehousing tackles this issue by putting away information from numerous frameworks in a brought together condition. With the information put away together in a solitary area, you can see a total image of your business’ wellbeing and settle on information driven choices.

Model Design, Validation, and Training

Ascertaining model precision is a basic piece of any AI venture, yet numerous models are put into creation without legitimate approval. Our information science group can work with your group to approve previous models, plan new models, and set up a preparation program that will deliver suitable, exact outcomes utilizing top tier apparatuses and the best advancements for the current issue.

Data Quality Audit

Spotless and complete information is the establishment for any AI venture. Amid an information quality review, our information science group plunges into your dataset to examine whether you have the establishments for a fruitful information science venture.

Business Process Automation

In the event that your business forms expect workers to do a similar errand again and again, you can increase monstrous efficiencies with AI. We can mechanize most choices that a human can make in one moment. Our group can fabricate frameworks to mechanize these undertakings, liberating your collaborate to accomplish increasingly effective work.

Computer Vision

We manufacture programming that can consequently arrange picture records dependent on the genuine substance of the picture, for example, perceiving items, faces, or different articles in a scene. Utilizing AWS Rekognition and Bayes’ Rule, we’ve manufactured hearty applications that utilization facial acknowledgment to recognize rehash clients.

Clustering and Network Analysis

We use information examination to reveal structure in your information. By gathering comparable elements, you can profile the characteristics of various gatherings. Get bits of knowledge into basic examples of various gatherings and how they fit into the bigger framework.

Data Science Technologies We Work With

Open Source

apache spark ml
Tensor flow
h2o ai

Amazon AWS

Amazon web service
Amazon rekognition
Amazon lex
amazon machine learning

Microsoft Azure

azure machine learning
azure bot services
Microsoft azure
azure emotion API
Azure language understanding intelligent service
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