Data Warehouses

Agile, scalable, analytics-enabled

Align IT to business objectives with an agile, scalable and analytics-enabled cloud-based data warehouse.

  • The business will love it when you give them access to ALL their data.
  • Your CFO will love how cost-effective it is using cloud.
  • You will love it when Pythian does the work for you.

Achieve data integration and analytics results faster with a modern data warehouse.

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience, deep technical expertise in both open-source and cloud databases and strong relationships with public cloud vendors Google, AWS and Azure.

Adopting a modern, cloud-based data warehouse is the first step toward becoming truly data-driven.

cloud based data warehouse

How you win with a modern,cloud-based data warehouse

Reduces costs, brings scalability

Delivers unlimited scalability, inexpensive storage and
costs aligned to usage.

Eliminates data silos

Easily integrates multiple data sources, structured or not, internal and external, so all users get all the data they want.

Improves performance

Lets you produce reports and analytics results in seconds, never hours –
whether you’re performing simple analytics
or running machine learning models.

Enables analytics for everyone

Eliminates the complexity of data access and processing constraints of traditional data warehouses, and gives developers and business users alike self-service access to their data.

Who we’ve done it for

Airline: 360 view of customers on AWS Redshift

For a private aviation company, we modernized their on-premise MySQL database by moving it into AWS Redshift so they could more easily integrate multiple data sources and get a 360 degree view of the activity of their planes and their customers.

Retail: Google BigQuery Data Warehouse for advanced analytics

We helped a major retailer by setting up their Google BigQuery data warehouse to easily ingest and process a stream of live in-store shopper data from hundreds of stores, enabling advanced analytics.

big query migration

Financial: Vertica to Google BigQuery migration and resource management

We moved a Vertica data warehouse to Google BigQuery for a large financial company, then we created the project architecture, dataset layout and a rigorous user access control design. We also delivered a custom resource scheduler and did performance tuning to manage their large-scale workloads.

Entertainment: Teradata to Azure Data Warehouse for agility

We moved data from an on-premise Teradata warehouse to Microsoft Azure data warehouse to allow this client to easily integrate many external and internal data sources, and to automate the orchestration of analytics across multiple applications. This helped them create a personalized marketing experience for their customers.

Data Warehouse for agility
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