Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migrations are often more complicated than just a quick lift-and-shift. Our experts have led hundreds of successful cloud migrations, and they will make sure yours is quick, without disruption and sets you up to reduce costs, automate and easily take advantage of your data.

Migrations are only the beginning when it comes to your business taking advantage of the cloud. Whatever your business case may be, we’ll help define your cloud roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, then work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

Your business-critical applications and databases may need operational support, re-platforming or re-architecting. Or you may be working with difficult data and analytics use cases, with massive data volumes, many data pipelines, or complex environments. Regardless of your reason to migrating to the cloud, our wide range of expertise means you have access to support before, during and after your cloud migration.

cloud computing
Cloud migration services

We are a leading migration partner with the three leading public cloud vendors

If you’re moving to the cloud for the first time, we’ll help you determine which of the leading cloud providers is right for each of your use cases.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Our team has migrated hundreds of critical workloads to, from and within public, private and hybrid cloud environments—so we’ve seen your use case before

Access the cloud support you need for your migration, when you need it, from assessments and migration planning, to executing your migration, to leveraging and managing your new cloud solutions.

Hybrid cloud

Cloud vendor selection

We can help you determine which of the leading cloud vendors is right for your business and technology needs, then build a plan to get you there.


We provide proofs-of-concept for applications that address new business and technology needs as they arise and turn your vision into reality.

Infrastructure migrations

Our experts can identify and help build plans to transform and migrate legacy applications and databases for the cloud.

Data migrations

Our flexible services allow you to tap into our analytics expertise to turn your cloud solution into a source of insight-driven decision making

Operational management

We don’t just walk away when your migration is complete. We’re able to provide 24×7 ongoing operational support from our global, certified teams.

Cloud-native capabilities

Once you’re securely in the cloud, we can help you determine ways to maximize your cloud investment through cloud-native technologies.

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