Advanced Analytics

Benefits advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics solutions help businesses build the right capabilities to garner insights that enable better decisions to create value through four key functions:

Descriptive analytics: We examine and analyze your business’ key performance indicators to provide insights that help understand your business at an aggregate level and evaluate the various business processes.

Diagnostic analytics: Using root cause analysis, we uncover patterns and cross-functional correlations that help derive better business insights and develop accurate predictive models.

Predictive analytics: We help you identify risks and anticipate future opportunities based on underlying patterns and relationship by performing analytics on historical and real-time data.

Data visualization: Our interactive dashboards provide advanced data visualization. Our solution automatically represents data in an intuitive format enabling you to build business intelligence and make informed decisions.

Interactive data exploration and visualization

Interactive data exploration and visualization

Machine Learning Model Training

Machine Learning Model Training

Real- Time or Batch Predictive Processing

Real- Time or Batch Predictive Processing

It helps marketing teams discover new customer segments; financial teams to protect against potential frauds; supply chain to ensure enough on time stocking especially during holiday seasons; retail to provide customers with omni-channel consumer experience; oil and gas to reduce equipment downtime; using IoT-driven analytics among others .

Indium Software’s experienced and skilled Data Scientists and Data Analysts with deep domain expertise deploy advanced analytics solutions conduct pre-mortem on significant investments, reduce fraudulent claims, increase customer acquisition and wallet share, reduce churn, and achieve higher ROI.

Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Utilising a combination of sophisticated analytical methodologies – Regression, Clustering, Optimisation & Machine Learning our team can provide deep insights into past trends, run forecasts to make calculated predictions of future outcomes & advise on actions to optimise future results.

Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences
Data Discovery & Management

Data Discovery & Management

Understanding the data journey from the cradle to the grave

A comprehensive & systematic review of an organisation’s data journey from its original source & format all the way through to its retention & storage. This service is designed to give business confidence that the data they use for decision-making is clean, accurate, valid & maintained appropriately.

Business Intelligence

Deliver actionable insights to your business users

We work with a variety of existing Business Intelligence Platforms to ensure your users have access to the right information to support better decision making. Our service extends to the creation of standardised reports, ad-hoc queries, real-time interactive dashboards & various system automation.

Benefits of working with PetaBytz

Identify insights, opportunities and value from all your data sources.

Deliver engaging experiences through the entire buyer’s journey to build brand loyalty.
Establish an end-to-end total view of your customer for better product development.
Track user behaviors and update products and services in real time.

Technology Expertise

Google Cloud Platform: Cloud ML, TensorFlow, Cloud Datalab and a suite of Google Cloud ML APIs (e.g. Natural Language API, Speech API, etc.)

  • Predictive analytics
  • Bayesian inference
  • Deep learning
  • Natural-language processing
  • Machine-learning technologies: Microsoft AzureTM, Wolfram Mathematica
  • Smart indexes and database expertise: Apache SolrTM, Apache LuceneTM, ElasticSearch, Neo4j, etc.
  • Matrix factorization and factorization machines
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Domain-centric intelligent automated data extraction methodology
  • Uncertainty modeling
  • Large-scale network visualization
  • Internet of things
  • Graph theory
  • Data mining
  • Category theory
  • Game theory
  • Distributed computing
  • Web-based applications
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Proteomo Scaffold (proteomics analysis software), BioPython, EMBOSS and Bioconductor
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